airs, airing, aired
1) N-UNCOUNT Air is the mixture of gases which forms the earth's atmosphere and which we breathe.

Draughts help to circulate air...

Keith opened the window and leaned out into the cold air.

...water and air pollutants.

2) N-SING: the N The air is the space around things or above the ground.

Government troops broke up the protest by firing their guns in the air...

People's cigarette smoke seemed to hang in the air.

3) N-UNCOUNT: usu N n, by N Air is used to refer to travel in aircraft.

Air travel will continue to grow at about 6% per year...

The United Nations have been unable to distribute food around the country, other than by air.

4) N-COUNT: usu with supp An air is a simple tune which can be easily recognized and remembered. [OLD-FASHIONED]
5) N-SING: with supp, oft N of n If you say that someone or something has a particular air, you mean that they give this general impression.

Jennifer took a drag on her cigarette, regarding him with an air of faint amusement...

The meal gave the occasion an almost festive air.

6) N-PLURAL (disapproval) If you say that someone is putting on airs or giving themselves airs, you are criticizing them for behaving as if they are better than other people. [INFORMAL]

We're poor and we never put on airs.

7) VERB If a broadcasting company airs a television or radio programme, they show it on television or broadcast it on the radio. [mainly AM]

[V n] Tonight PBS will air a documentary called `Democracy In Action'.

Derived words:
airing N-SING

Switzer said his program and his university could not tolerate the airing of this material.

8) VERB If you air your opinions, you make them known to people.

[V n] They sat for more than six hours, and both sides agreed they had aired all their differences...

[V n] The whole issue was thoroughly aired at the meeting.

Derived words:
airing N-SING a N

While we're able to broach the subject of sex, money rarely gets an airing.

9) VERB If you air a room or building, you let fresh air into it.

[V n] One day a week her mother systematically cleaned and aired each room.

Derived words:
airing N-SING a N

Open all the windows of the bedroom and give it a good airing.

10) VERB If you air clothing or bedding, you put it somewhere warm to make sure that it is completely dry.

[V n] When the shirts were clean, I ironed them myself, aired them and placed them in drawers in his room.

11) PHRASE: V inflects If you do something to clear the air, you do it in order to resolve any problems or disagreements that there might be. inquiry just to clear the air and settle the facts of the case.

12) PHRASE (disapproval) If you refer to someone's airs and graces, you mean that they behave in a way that shows that they think they are more important than other people.

The old cliché of the customer being always right is what gives them airs and graces.

13) PHRASE If something is in the air it is felt to be present, but it is not talked about.

There was great excitement in the air...

She walked away and left the question hanging in the air.

14) PHRASE: v-link PHR, PHR after v If someone is on the air, they are broadcasting on radio or television. If a programme is on the air, it is being broadcast on radio or television. If it is off the air, it is not being broadcast.

Singer Dani Behr, 17, is going on the air as presenter of Channel 4's `The Word'...

Rockwell hopes the program can be on the air within a year...

This message did not reach me until after the programme went off the air.

15) PHRASE: PHR after v If someone or something disappears into thin air, they disappear completely. If someone or something appears out of thin air, they appear suddenly and mysteriously.

`But where could they have gone?' he demanded. `They can't just vanish into thin air!'...

He had materialized out of thin air; I had not seen or heard him coming.

16) PHRASE: v-link PHR If you say that a decision or a situation is up in the air, you mean that it has not yet been completely settled or planned.

He told reporters today that the president's trip to Moscow is up in the air.

17) PHRASE: V inflects If you say that you are walking on air or floating on air, you mean that you feel extremely happy about something.

As soon as I know I'm in the team it's like I'm walking on air.

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